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About WarmStep® by ThermoSoft®

WarmStep® is developed by electric radiant heat industry veteran ThermoSoft®. Made right here in the USA, it carries on the legendary reliability shared by our products.​

​Our WarmStep® team is always available for a more detailed discussion. Below are some important notes on WarmStep®: 

  • WarmStep® uses a fabric heating mat with thermal cut off.  This type of system is the only electric radiant heat for direct nail or glue down wood floors. Learn More

  • WarmStep® is not just a heating mat.  WarmStep® is a radiant heat solution that utilizes other components to provide the luxury of radiant heat in a way that is tailored for wood floors.

    • WarmStep® uses FidBox® to monitor and create records of the moisture and temperature of the wood floor. 

    • WarmStep® also gives the end consumer the option of various thermostats that offer useful features and limiters to apply and maintain temperatures properly for wood flooring.  Learn More

    • WarmStep® features an in-floor sensor that enables precise control of the floor temperature.  Learn More

  • Wood floors demand special treatment from a radiant system, and WarmStep® delivers. Wood floors need a system with heat delivery meant for wood, and this is what WarmStep® delivers.  Learn More

  • The features and benefits don't mean a thing without the sales process and post-purchase support for re-sellers, contractors and homeowners.  Customer service is just as important as a quality product. Learn More

Project in Northbrook, IL

This attic finishing project had a less than ideal subfloor to begin with. 

Luckily, WarmStep® integrates seamlessly with any project. 

This project used solid oak flooring in a nail assist installation.


About Us

The whole team at ThermoSoft® is working hard to deliver the same level of support and service behind all of our products to WarmStep®, but you can learn about the WarmStep® specific team below.

Eric Kochman

CEO and President

Dr. Eric Kochman is the President and founder of ThermoSoft® with a wealth of experience in developing the safest FiberThermics® radiant heating technology. As a member of the NWFA Radiant Heat Task Force, Eric provides invaluable guidance in electrical radiant heating.

Sergey Shlyapintokh

Director of Business Development

Sergey Shlyapintokh is a senior member of the ThermoSoft® team, master of many roles within the organization. As a part of the NWFA Radiant Heat Task Force, Sergey has and will continue to lead educational webinars for NWFA members sharing his vast knowledge with our colleagues in the NWFA.


Ron Oliver

Nationwide Sales Agent

Ron Oliver is the Nationwide Sales Agent for WarmStep® and has been a great resource to the wood flooring industry.

If you have a question about or interest in WarmStep®, Ron can offer his help from consultation with other manufacturers and  WarmStep®'s back-end resources.