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Flooring Contractors

WarmStep® may not be the first radiant heat system you have ever worked with, but it will be the first one you won't have to work around.


  • Radiant floor heating is a luxury that is a popular add on with flooring projects, but when trying to apply radiant heating to wood flooring in the past, installers were introducing significant changes to their project, and for some consumers, those logistics changes became too costly to pursue. 


  • Not only that, but because of these difficulties many professionals don’t even bother presenting consumers with radiant heated wood flooring because it can be such a complicated offering.

  • WarmStep® installs simply and easily using a direct nail down installation, or glue down with one of your preferred adhesives.  This makes the task of installing WarmStep® a smooth addition to your existing installation plan, and it makes radiant heated wood within reach of more consumers.


  • This means that by offering WarmStep®, your business gains differentiation, new revenue streams, and your customers will love the fact that you presented an option they thought was out of reach.

Don’t leave money on the table, talk with us today to start adding WarmStep® to your customers now.