There are a number of electric radiant heat systems on the market, and for a distributor or retailer, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth spending virtual or actual space to feature.

WarmStep® makes a great partner for your needs as a distributor or re-seller because it is the only solution for contractors looking for a simple addition to their product offerings.

Backed by the experience and capabilities of ThermoSoft®, as a distribution partner for WarmStep® you will also enjoy a number of other benefits:

  • Training for your sales staff on how to properly present WarmStep® to your customer base.  This can include webinars through the NWFA, webinars specific to you, teleconference and in person training

  • Rapid shipment of in stock inventory to your stores or warehouses

  • Multiple carriers with several pickups per day from our production facility for quick fulfillment drop shipping

  • Ongoing customer service and Warranty support for you and your customers

  • A full line of other radiant heating products to supplement other types of flooring projects

  • By offering this unique product, which adheres to the newest NWFA radiant heating recommendations, your customers will have additional reason to shop with you

  • ThermoSoft® is equipped with drop-shipping capabilities, allowing direct shipment of WarmStep® to your customers. This keeps you from overstocking stores or your warehouses

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